(March 16, 2007 – June 27, 2010)

The first collection presentation Disorder in the House contained some 70 pieces from 30 different international artists, that Walter Vanhaerents himself selected. This first exhibition mainly drew on works ranging from the late 90s until the present day. It focused on young artists who have carried on with the legacy of pop art. The exhibition was set up so that the positioning of the works allowed visitors to construct multiple cross-over interpretations.

Walter Vanhaerents:

‘Being a perfectionist, I had a hard time allowing things to go out of control and living with the idea of disorder. But everyday one must do something that one is scared of. I noticed that creating a dynamic disorder and implying a chaotic energy – chaos through movement- automatically led to form and plastic expression. That is why I chose the title “Disorder in the house”, taken from an album written by Warren Zevon, in which he expresses some artistic ambition when he sings “I’m gonna paint the whole town grey”. I am thrilled to join him’.


Doug Aitken – David Altmejd – Chiho Aoshima – Matthew Barney – Thomas Demand – Urs Fischer – Andrea Fraser – Peter Friedl – Tom Friedman – Katharina Fritsch – Mark Handforth – Paul Mc Carthy – Jin Meyerson – Mariko Mori – Takashi Murakami – Yoshitomo Nara – Bruce Nauman – Paul Pfeiffer – Tim Noble & Sue Webster – Jack Pierson – Tobias Rehberger – Daniel Richter – Jason Rhoades – Ugo Rondinone – Tom Sachs – Michael Sailstorfer – Markus Schinwald – Francesco Vezzoli – Banks Violette – Christopher Wool

Disorder in the House
Authors:Lieven Van Den Abeele, Frits De Coninck, Wouter Davidts et Walter Vanhaerents
Publisher:Lannoo, Tielt,2010
280 × 230 mm 144 p.
ISBN 978 90 209 9105 5
Price: 40 €

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