(March 16, 2007 – March 6, 2010)

A giant star of fluorescent lights. A big traffic sign collapsed. A green lamppost leaning in shaky balance over a beam. A red candle flickering in a phone booth. The intervention of British artist Mark Handforth (1969, Hong Kong) in the first project room exhibition of the Vanhaerents Art Collection gathered four of his recent works: Stardust (2005), Silver Sign (2004), Green (2005) and Red (2005).

The sculptures from British artist Mark Handforth confront the viewer with familiar objects into unfamiliar surroundings. The artist draws his work from objects in public space like lampposts, traffic signs or neon lights. Like the phone booth in the work Red, he uses these objects as ready-mades, in other instances he creates an exact replica which he ‘transforms’ by enlarging or pleading it. The seemingly destructive interventions give the sculptures a subversive quality. His work refers to minimalist art and shows close links to an artist like Dan Flavin, while on the other hand it has a strong Pop feel.


Stardust, 2005
fluorescent lights
dimensions variable

Silver Sign, 2004
aluminium, reflective vinyl
305 × 700 × 595 cm

Green, 2005
lamppost, iron rod
dimensions variable

Red, 2005
phone booth, candle
75 × 37 × 24 cm